C5 Kraft Envelopes are affordable for personal and business use

Cheap paper envelopes C5 Kraft Envelopes 120gsm

C5 Kraft Envelopes are a versatile and affordable option for personal and business use. The C5 format measures approximately 162mm x 229mm and is ideal for sending documents, letters, invitations and marketing materials. Kraft paper envelopes are especially popular for their rustic, natural look and the eco-friendly appeal of recycled materials.

C5 Kraft envelopes can be used for:

Mailing Letters and Documents. C5 Envelopes are ideal for mailing letters documents Contracts, or Legal Documents.


C5 envelopes are also popular for mailing invitations such as wedding or party invitations, or announcements such as birth or graduation announcements. Marketing Materials: C5 Envelopes can be used to send marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and product catalogs to customers and prospects. STORE OR ORGANIZE: C5 envelopes can also be used to store or organize documents, photos, or other small items. Envelope type. Kraft Envelopes have a particularly rustic and natural look that makes them attractive for eco-friendly and artisanal products or for casual and friendly communication. Another advantage of C5 kraft envelopes is that they are lightweight, making them easy and inexpensive to mail. Personalize with your logo or design to promote your business or event.

Overall, Kraft C5 envelopes are a versatile, economical, and environmentally friendly option for personal and business use. Personal use. C5 Kraft Envelopes are perfect for sending invitations to events such as weddings, birthdays, and graduations. It can also be used to send greeting cards and letters to friends and family. For businesses, C5 kraft envelopes are perfect for sending important documents and marketing materials such as brochures, flyers and catalogs. It can also be used to store or organize documents and other small items.

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